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PCM & BMS Board

PCM & BMS Board

GB Cell PCM & BMS BoardCan Support

Temp. Protection

Over Load Protection

Monitoring Management

1s to 100s (3.7V to 370V)

1A to 200A For Discharge Rate

We can design BMS or PCM, according to your application.


Anytime lithium cells are connected in series to make higher voltage battery packs, as is the case in electric vehicle applications, the usable capacity of the entire pack will only be as much as the capacity of the lowest cell. Even if a battery pack is well-matched when new, imbalances between the cells will occur over time. The primary function of a Battery Management System (BMS) is to facilitate equalization at the module or individual cell level so that the entire battery pack has as much useable capacity as possible. The other benefits of the GBBMS digital BMS line of products is rapid monitoring of individual cell voltages and temperatures. There are a variety of free software options comes with BMS which allow for a clear visual display of the battery and cell data. With high accuracy and easily programmable high and low voltage set points the GBBMS is an exceptional solution for many electric vehicle lithium battery packs, stationary power supply packs and also for battery testing. Connecting to the BMS with any Windows/Linux/Mac/Android based computer is easy with the Optional CAN2Ethernet Dongle. The optional Diagnosis system allows for an independent in-dash touch screen solution. This device manage 18 cell per module with passive balancer . All of the BMS units use an intuitive command structure and are very simple to set up. Real-time status LEDs on the boards themselves indicate high and low conditions as well as which cells are full (when dissipating energy during equalization). Specific historical data of maximum voltage high and low points are stored in the BMS unit's internal memory and can be easily viewed the graphical User interface on the PC. This have master central unit with high precision current measurement, protocol conversation, SOC estimation, onboard real time logger, protection outputs and mode manager and calibration inputs.


Min Cell Per module 3
Max Cell per module 18
Cell measurement accuracy 1mV
Cell measurement range 800 mV – 5000 mV
Temp measurement range -20 - +80 °C
Temp Sensor accuracy 0.5 °C
Max sensor per module 20
Current sensor type Shunt/Hall Effect
Current measurement Accuracy 1mV in sensor input
Balancer Internal / External
Onboard balancer max current Int (100mA), Ext (3A)
Logger YES
Logger Max Memory 4GB
Recommended Supply Voltage 9-36V come from master
Power dissipation per module 2.4 W
Internal temp sensor Yes
Cell voltage sampling rate 500uS
Communication CAN/RS-232
Max number of unit per stack 15
Isolation rating 2000 V
Current consumption Active mode 100mA/Module
Current consumption Idle 10uA/Module
Charger Control output PWM/CAN/Serial
Number of master output 7 Chanel
Number of master Input 6 Chanel
Master Microcontroller ARM Cortex-M4


Technical Info. Model Donload (PDF)
Singel Cell PCM Up to 1A 1S1AR.doc
Singel Cell PCM Up to 2A 1S2AB.doc
Singel Cell PCM Up to 2A 1S2AR.doc
Singel Cell PCM Up to 4A 1S4AC.doc
Singel Cell PCM Up to 5A 1S5AC(4.325V-2.50V).docx
Singel Cell PCM Up to 6A 1S6AR.pdf
Singel Cell PCM Up to 10A 1S10AC(4.28V-2.80V).pdf
Singel Cell PCM Up to 2A  
2S (7.4V) PCM Up to 2A 2S2AR.pdf
2S (7.4V) PCM
Up to 4A, 8A
3S (11.1V) PCM
Up to 2A, 4A, 5A, 8A, 12A, 18A, 40A
4S (14.8V) PCM
Up to 5A, 8A, 12A, 18A, 40A
5S (18.5V) PCM
Up to 5A, 8A, 12A
6S (22.2V) PCM
Up to 5A, 8A, 12A, 18A, 40A
7S (25.9V) PCM
Up to 5A, 8A, 12A, 18A, 40A
8S (29.6V) PCM
Up to 5A, 8A, 12A, 18A, 40A
10S (37V) PCM
Up to 12A, 18A, 40A
13S (48.1V) PCM
Up to 12A, 18A, 40A